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The start of cooperation with CY had a very good start. It happened in time,
Milan Duchacek
As I increase the order, please put one extra halogen lamp for each machine.
Please include the extra lamp in PI
Seriously, WOW! I’ve purchased a lot of machine tools on CY Machine Tools.
I have obtained your company name from the internet. My company is an electrical repair organisation for rotating machinery, and we are considering the purchase of one, or perhaps two lathes for the machining of electrical rotors. We need to have both 3 and 4 jaw “quick” change chucks, as well an appropriates steady, and a “live” centre.
Peter Hackney
engineers have a superior attitude
the only thing I can come up with is there are some great people that work for this company
It’s one of the best machine tool manufactory in China!
I used CY Machine Tools for ten years.
Rafael M. Corrêa
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